Healthy Cooking in Dorm Rooms and Small Spaces

I understand the importance of healthy eating.  I have seen major improvements in mine and my families lives through the dietary choices we make.  My son struggled with A.D.D. all through his childhood, and through clean eating I have seen huge improvements in his ability to focus.  He recently went off to college to live in a dorm room and my biggest worry was his ability to eat healthy!  I bought him a toaster oven and was on a mission to teach him how to cook healthy meals and lead a healthy lifestyle away from home.  Some of my recipes are healthier than others, but hey they had to appeal to a college kid!

2 months after my son moved into his dorm room, I ended up living in a camper while my house was being remodeled.  I had no idea I would live in this camper for 2 months, but that’s a whole different story.  I bought myself a new toaster oven and let the experiment begin!  I hope my recipes will appeal to anyone living in a small space, dorm room, or just loves the convenience and simplicity of a toaster oven!