10 Easy Things to Make in a Toaster Oven

Okay, so cooking can’t always be healthy. Sometimes convenience wins! Here are some very easy things you can make in your toaster oven with very little or no prep at all.  Most of these meals are also very inexpensive.  Perfect for dorm room living and campers! Most of these can be cooked by using the same directions for the oven on the products labeling.

1.  Taquitos
2.  Frozen Burritos
3.  Pizza or Pizza Rolls – Make sure the Pizza is small enough to fit in the toaster oven
4.  Frozen Waffles
5.  Chicken Nuggets
6.  Corn Dogs
7.  Nachos – Grab some chips, add cheese, salsa and your favorite toppings! Best when broiled
8. French Fries – Frozen fries, or you can reheat them.  I also love sweet potato fries!
9. Sausage – Fresh or Frozen
10. Quesadillas – Take a tortilla, add cheese and salsa, fold it in half and bake!


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