Quick and Easy Breakfast in the Toaster Oven – Bacon and Waffles

I made this quick and easy breakfast in my camper with my toaster oven. I found some fully cooked bacon at the grocery store in the freezer section. I found that the cooked bacon is really easy to make in the toaster oven with very little mess. I cook the bacon first, put it on top of the toaster to cool, then toast the waffles. Add some fruit to the waffles and breakfast is ready.  I chose gluten free waffles, but you can use any brand of frozen waffles.  My son loves making this breakfast in his dorm room.



Step 1 – Take the bacon out of the box and place it on the baking tray.  You can use aluminum foil for a really easy clean-up.

Step 2 – Place the bacon in the toaster oven at 400° and cook for about 7 minutes or until it is to your desired crispiness.

Step 3 – Pull out the bacon and place it on the top of the toaster oven.


While the Bacon is cooling, you can start toasting the waffles.  Take the toaster off bake mode and put it on toast mode.

Place the frozen waffles in the toaster for about 10 minutes.  Remove the waffles, add some real maple syrup and top with fruit!  Breakfast is ready!




Frozen Waffles
Fresh Fruit
Fully Cooked Bacon
Maple Syrup


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