Roasted Yellow & Zucchini Squash in a Toaster Oven

I never used to like squash, I would eat around it if it was in my dish. Now I have learned to love it and I am so glad I have! It is so delicious when roasted in a toaster oven. I started making it this way and now I eat it several times a week because it’s so yummy and I know its good for me!

Squash has so many health benefits. It contains a lot of minerals our bodies need like, magnesium, potassium, copper, phosphorus, calcium, and iron. It also includes vital vitamins like A, C, E, and B6.

I feel good knowing it has very few calories and huge benefits. Squash is good for your immune system, eye health, bones, colon, and heart, just to name a few!

Roasting Squash in a Toaster Oven is really easy. Here’s what you need –

Vegetable Spray (I use coconut oil spray)
Salt (Himalayan Sea Salt is my favorite)
Yellow and/or Zucchini Squash



  1.  Slice the Zucchini and/or Yellow Squash
  2. Spray the baking pan with olive oil or coconut oil
  3. Place the sliced Squash onto the baking pan
  4. Sprinkle Salt and Pepper on the Squash to your liking
  5. Set Toaster Oven to “Bake” mode and set to 425° F
  6. Bake Squash for 18 minutes
  7. Enjoy!

Roasted Squash

The finished product can either be a side dish or a delicious and healthy snack!

Roasted Squash


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