Toaster Oven Baking Pans

There are a few basic necessities when cooking with a toaster oven.  These have saved my life during our kitchen remodel

Good Set of Pans

Many toaster ovens come with a cookie sheet and roasting tray.  By adding a few more pans, you will be able to cook many more things, including eggs!

  1. Cookie Sheet – Necessity, I use this pan the most
  2. Muffin pan – Must fit in a toaster oven, some of them are too large. You can cook eggs in these!
  3. Baking pan – This one is a little deeper, I use it for desserts!
  4. Pizza pan – Like a cookie sheet but round
  5. Loaf pan – Perfect for baking breads and muffin loafs

Here are some links where you can find pan sets for good prices, these are affiliate links that help me keep my website going. I searched to find great deals for you, thanks for supporting me!

Great starter set with a muffin tin!

This one includes the pizza pans –

This set is on my wishlist!  Calphalon Non-Stick 6 piece set.  It even includes round baking pans.  This set costs a bit more, but is high quality.